Sonhe qualidade, Sonhe Luxo, Nós podemos fazer acontecer
Dream Quality, Dream Luxury, We can make it happen

The choice depends on the purpose it will give you.

In choosing the location, you have to take into account several aspects: access, transportation facilities, water supply, social facilities (schools, hospitals, etc.), green areas, sun exposure, etc.

As for housing itself, there are several aspects to be analyzed: the overall quality of the building, thermal and acoustic insulation, interior finishes, available space and its distribution, etc.

Cellars are more prone to floods and humidities and the upper floors may be more subject to temperature variations, infiltrations, and possible machine noises from elevators.

In the case of used dwellings, the analysis of their conservation status takes on particular importance, namely the state of façades, plumbing (water, gas, electricity) and coatings.

It is convenient to keep in mind the warranty period against defects in construction, which is 5 years after the purchase of new housing.