Sonhe qualidade, Sonhe Luxo, Nós podemos fazer acontecer
Dream Quality, Dream Luxury, We can make it happen

Before you formalize your decision to purchase the home, you should make sure that it meets the basic legal conditions. This will allow you to make a safe purchase and without unpleasant surprises.

In the Real Estate Registry of the real estate area, you can check if:

- Ovendedor is the real owner, that is, if the property is registered in his name;
- There are no mortgages or pledges in favor of third parties;
- The property or fraction is not subject to any usufruct in favor of third parties.

In the Finance Department of the real estate area, you can check if:

- The property is vacant, that is, free of heirs with preemptive rights or renters;
- The Municipal Contribution is current, in the case of purchase in 2nd hand, or if the property responds by the payment of this tax.

At the City Hall, you can check:

- If the Construction and Housing Licenses have already been issued;
- In the case of acquisition of land for construction of future housing, if the land is located in an area authorized for urban constructions, ie if a Landlord's Permit was issued;
- If the land is authorized for construction, what characteristics of the housing you can build.

In the Courts or Commercial Information Companies, you can verify that:

- The seller is not in a situation of bankruptcy, nor is he or she engaged in the commission of an intentional crime that renders the alienation of his or her own assets ineffective;
- If you decide to buy the property in plan, inquire if the promoters have the capacity and suitability to take the enterprise to fruition.