Sonhe qualidade, Sonhe Luxo, Nós podemos fazer acontecer
Dream Quality, Dream Luxury, We can make it happen

The decision to buy and sell the dwelling is formalized through the Promissory Contract of Purchase and Sale.

This document regulates the rights and obligations of the parties and the conditions established in the business during the period that elapses until the final contract is executed (the deed).

The Contract-Promise must contemplate the following aspects:

- Identification of the interveners, proponent-buyer and seller-seller (name, marital status, profession, residence, identity card, tax number, etc.);
- Identification of the property to be transacted (location, number of police or confrontations, property description number, matrix item if already allocated by the Finance Office, composition of the dwelling (typology or rooms), building or housing license number, such as the issuing entity and its date, basement, covered patio, garage, storage room - etc.);
- Price of the transaction and method of payment, including the value of the signal, signal strengths and timing thereof;
- Explicit indication that the property will be sold free of any charges and charges.
- The maximum term for the conclusion of the definitive agreement, and it may be agreed to pay interest at a certain rate if the term is exceeded because of the fault of either party;
- Make reference to the loan already requested or to request the bank, to the fact that the purchase is dependent on this loan and providing, if this is not granted, the consequent refund of the signal.

In the event of non-fulfillment of the contract-promise for imputed cause to the promissory-buyer, the seller has the right to make his the value of the signal.

If the breach of the stipulated in the contract occurs due to imputed cause to the promissory-seller, the seller is obligated to pay to the promissory-purchaser double the amount of the signal, by way of compensation.

The law establishes that all the amount delivered to the promissory-seller is a signal, and the promissory-buyer must always demand the receipt of all sums delivered.

Keep in mind that the contract is an agreement between the parties involved.
Never sign the contract-promise of buying and selling without looking very carefully at all the clauses.
Ask the seller for a contract template in advance so that you can review or show any lawyer you trust.
Make sure that the clauses provided for satisfy your particular situation.
Check that the deadline is sufficient to handle all documentation.
Inquire at the bank about the probable time for writing.
Try to set as long as possible to safeguard some delays that may arise with obtaining the necessary documentation.