Sonhe qualidade, Sonhe Luxo, Nós podemos fazer acontecer
Dream Quality, Dream Luxury, We can make it happen

After your home purchase decision, it is time to formally initiate your credit application to the bank.

On the basis of the amount of the loan sought and the basic data relating to the property to be acquired and its level of income, the bank will give you a quick answer in principle about the feasibility of your request.

Then he will ask for a set of documentation and will evaluate the house. Thereafter, it shall communicate to it the final decision on the grant and conditions of the loan.

From this set of documentation, we highlight the house plans, the identification documents of the proponents and the proof of income and the composition of the household.
In the case of credit for construction, expansion or remodeling of the house, the permit or building permit, the approved project and the budget for the works to be carried out must also be delivered.