Sonhe qualidade, Sonhe Luxo, Nós podemos fazer acontecer
Dream Quality, Dream Luxury, We can make it happen

At the time of writing, two separate contracts take place.

The first is the purchase and sale agreement, through which the buyer becomes the legally recognized owner of the property.

The other loan-to-mortgage agreement is entered into between the buyer (debtor) and the bank (creditor) and stipulates everything that relates to the debt contracted (their value, interest rate, repayment terms, etc.) .

After the conclusion of the latter contract, the bank releases the authorized amount, allowing the buyer to pay the seller the portion of the transaction value that still had to be paid.

In addition to the personal elements of the parties involved (Identity Card, Tax Number, property regime, complete addresses and Registration Certificate

(If any of the participants are a company), in the celebration of the deed, the following documents are necessary:

- Certificate of contents of all registrations in force, which already include the provisional registration of acquisition and mortgage registration.
- Urban Building Book or certificate of the application for registration in the headquarters passed by the Finance Office. The building register must be updated by the Finance Department of the property area (the visa lasts for 1 year).
- Use license or proof that it was requested to the City Council. In the latter case, the license to use will be replaced by the permit for the construction of the property. Usually this situation occurs in the case of a newly built property (first transmission).
- Property and life insurance policies (when required).
- Document proving the payment of IMT
- Energetic certificate